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Steuben Transportation Study


The purpose of this survey is to improve transportation

services for residents of Steuben County.

All survey information is confidential.

This survey can be completed online at 


If you have any questions about this survey, please contact Chelsea Robertson at the Southern Tier Central Regional Planning and Development Board (STC), (607) 962-5092 or crobertson@stcplanning.org.

If you have any general questions about transportation or riding the bus in Steuben County, please contact the Steuben County Director of Mobility Management, Belinda Hoad, at (607) 776-9467 ext. 223 or go to needaride.info.

We will host a public meeting early this fall 2017 to present the results of this survey and discuss how to improve transportation services in Steuben County. Look for an announcement of the public meeting date and time soon on the project website: http://steubentransportationstudy.org/

The first sections of the survey ask about your most recent trip on the bus in Steuben County. If you received this survey on the bus or at the bus stop, please answer about your current trip. If you picked up this survey at another location, please think back to the most recent time you rode a public bus in Steuben County. Please answer the questions below about that trip. Just answer about your most recent one-way trip. If you are at home now, your most recent one-way trip probably started out somewhere (work, shopping, school, appointments, etc.) and brought you back home. But if you are out somewhere now, your most recent trip might have started at home and brought you out to where you are now. 

If you have never ridden the bus, or have not in a long time, we still want to hear from you! Skip directly to pages 3 and 4.