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Travel Training

Travel Training

A free program offered through Mobility Management that is designed for seniors and people with disabilities or anyone who needs guidance on learning how to navigate the bus system. It provides the assistance necessary for each person to successfully use Steuben County’s public fixed route bus services. Travel Training can be group focused or individualized.

What can you learn?

  • How to board and exit the bus
  • Best route to take to the bus stop
  • Which bus to take and how to transfer between buses
  • How to negotiate bus transfers
  • How to read the bus schedule and or ask for assistance
  • Where and how to safely cross the street
  • Personal safety and stranger awareness
  • Appropriate behavior on buses
  • Identification of Landmarks
  • How to use and obtain a monthly bus pass

Travel Training is now offered online so that you may participate when, where, and the time of day that works best for you! 

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